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We at CNC help to shape the world.


  • use green electricity
  • have taken special measures to reduce our heating costs
  • we save energy by switching to LED lighting and thus reduce emissions of CO2
  • watch out during transport that the goods are not delivered damaged and strive to recycle packaging. Currently we use about 85% paper for transport
  • use water-saving installations
  • care very carefully for the greatest possible waste separation
  • offer cosmetics made in Germany – no long transport routes
  • plant trees with the organization Treedom

That's where we are:

70 %


Here's where we're at right now:

  • Conversion of all packaging of our products (jars, folding boxes, tubes) to recyclable materials
  • Paperless office – internal processes are digitalized
  • Conversion of transport packaging to 100% paper


CO2 offset through climate-neutral GoGreen products and services.


CNC & Treedom

Let’s green the world!

With our company forest, we would like to give something back to nature, from which we learn every day, to sustainably green fallow land and in doing so support the people who care for it. We are happy about the development progress of our planted trees and about being able to make a social and ecological contribution as part of this wonderful project.

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